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If you’ve experienced clogs, strange smells, or other problems with your sewer and drain lines, you’ve learned how IMPORTANT it’s important to find the cause and the solution fast.  Fortunately at Deso USA Plumbing we provide sewer and septic tank cleaning and pumping, as well as inspection services to ensure that small issues do not spiral into large and costly problems.  Our team of trusted and highly trained professionals is dedicated to handling all your residential septic issues and maintaining the health and effectiveness of your drain lines in the long term.

Our experts are backed by industry-leading equipment and are known across the area for our getting the job done A.S.A.P. Deso USA Plumbing is the company that will go above and beyond to finish your service today, no matter how hard it is.  A properly functioning sewer and drain system are important to your family’s health and safety, so call now to schedule drain and sewer cleaning in (Location), and give your property some much-needed attention and care.

Even with normal usage, residential kitchen and bathroom sinks get clogged with food, hair, or other debris. Fortunately, clogged drains are a common and easily fixable problem.  The key to getting rid of them is simply to know when to call a plumber.

You may be able to break apart some clogs easily if you have a drain snake at home.  You can also make a DIY drain snake using a clothing hanger or another kind of wire. However, when drain clogs become persistent and keep returning, that’s when you need to hire a professional.  Watch out for gurgling, backups, and slow drains, as these are all signs there is a serious blockage in your line.

You should also avoid using liquid drain cleaners as much as possible.  While these products may seem convenient, they tend to contain nasty chemicals, which are extremely bad for your pipes.  Moreover, many chemical drain cleaners won’t even eat all the way through a clog, but will just sit on top of it, waiting for a backup to occur.

The Bottom line: If your home drains are clogged enough where you are thinking of purchasing a chemical drain cleaner, just call our plumbing company instead.

One of the most common causes of sewer line or pipe damage is root intrusion.  Tree roots constantly seek moisture, leading them to the line or pipe and creating a blockage or rupture.  Also, just like your drain pipes, your sewer line could become clogged due to improper use of your drains or a lack of regular maintenance.

In other instances, the line itself could be the problem.  Over time, your sewer and drain lines can become settled, disjointed, or even crushed.  This occurs more often in older homes, where the lines are composed of cast iron and clay piping, rather than plastic.  This can also happen after a natural disaster occurs, such as an earthquake or other event that shakes your home’s foundation.


Deso USA Plumbing is the drain and sewer company you hire when you’re looking for honest, upfront service. 
We offer affordable rates, and will never jack up the price with hidden fees or surcharges at the last minute. 
You may also be able to save more with our various specials, and because we offer 24/7
emergency service, you’ll never have to worry about your drain and sewer lines again! 

Call today for a free estimate on sewer and drain cleaning in (location),
and let our service do the dirty work to keep your home spotless.