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Our Kitchen & Bathroom Plumbing Services

The first person most people call when they have a pipe leak or a clogged drain, is a plumber.  And rightly so!

Why is it then that so many decide to play “do it yourself” plumbing when they do a kitchen or bathroom renovation or remodel?

Hiring a plumber for your bathroom or kitchen remodel means a lot less work for you. You might have to purchase a lot of tools you’ll never use again to do a DIY plumbing renovation project.  It can take hours,days, or even weeks out of your timeline for remodeling if you’re
inexperienced, and you may be without important fixtures in the home for longer.

A plumber is experienced in ordering parts that are the right fit for a home, so you know they’ll show up with the right tools and equipment. It may seem like a hassle and an added cost to hire a plumber, but it’s important that you have someone on the job who really knows what they are doing and can help you save overall.

You may even plan your kitchen or bathroom remodel around avoiding major plumbing renovations, but you shouldn’t have to.

A plumber can help you with everything you need:

  • Moving around plumbing pipes.
  • Moving drain lines
  • Installing a kitchen sink and garbage disposal
  • Installing a bathroom sink and plumbing lines
  • Adding spa equipment to the bathroom
  • Adding a rainfall shower-head

Here’s the main reason to hire a plumber for that bathroom renovation: they know what they are doing.  That includes all of the smaller details that homeowners or even a “handyman” wouldn’t think of. Building codes limit what can and should be done to alter your plumbing, for your own health and safety. Local plumbers know the local codes and are able to ensure everything is up to code and help with filing any permits that may be necessary.